Cylinder head cover gasket?!

After you guys have checked your valves, do apply any sealant compound to the cylinder head cover gasket or just clean the gasket and install it again?

Have adjusted my valves, the only thing I did was applying oil to the gasket. It worked fine. I opened it yesterday to recheck the valves on my new exhaustcam an the gasket and it was smooth and hadnt stuck to eighter the engine head or the cover! Dont think youre supposed to applyanything else than some kind of lubrication to make sure the rubber dont dry out or sticks to any metal. Maybe just hightemp res grease of some kind would be even better!

Don't put any sealer on the cylinder head side. Just clean it up and slap it back on. It will seal fine.

Ive had mine on and off many times and its never leaked yet. I just leave a light smear of oil on it.


according to the manual, no need new cylinder head cover gasket.

clean it carefully and install it back.

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