any wr 400/426 owners also have a xr400. I just bought one for dual sport purposes (I also have a 2000 wr400 but I did not want to deal with vermont reg). This thing is a pig. I am looking for suggestions besides pipe and jetting. (they are not so helpfull on the xr side.

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Don't have one, but did a lot of research & reading on them a few years ago. Seems they're heavy! Just kidding. Read the pumper carb from www.xrsonly.com is the way to go....along with pipe & jetting. They just aren't WR/YZ's by any stretch. But, if I had to cross the Rockies on ONE bike, the XR4 would be hard to pass up for reliablity out in the middle of nowhere. Also, sprung real light compared to stock WR's. Good luck.

thanks scott


what exactly are your goals for it? I had a 96 XR400 until a few months ago. The rear shock spilled its guts internally so I replaced it with an Ohlins for an unbelievable difference. I also replaced the stock fork springs with stiffer ones. This held it up better and made it feel lighter since it didn't wallow so much. The rest of the bike was stock except for personal set up items such as bars, grips, chain, etc. I worked on the jetting with the dual taper needle and some other brass, and that was it. I used it for technical Eastern trails so I wasn't looking for more speed or power, just sharp handling and good suspension action.

several friends have them. They put in a 96' baffle and re jetted it. they are pretty quick now. But not as quick as old beatten up blue. but then again they are better then i am. htey have been riding for years and i hav only ridden one year. hope this helps. save you from buying a new pipe.and yes you can buy the 96' baffle from Baja Designs

I am looking for more torque. After riding my wr400 for a couple of years this thing feels like it can bearly get out of its own way.

Mine had the stock exhaust with the baffle removed along with some jetting changes. It was very torquey off the bottom but would never have the mid and top pull of the YZ or WR. It's designed for smooth, tractable power. The lower-stressed engine is inline with Honda's intention to make the XR a high-reliability, low-maintenance engine.

Even with exhaust or carb alterations, you'd still be pumping through the same cam timing and port sizes, so your gains would be limited. If you're looking for blue-bike type performance then you're almost certainly looking at internal mods. But be warned that when you start stressing those engines the reliability diminishes, sometimes greatly, depending upon the level of stress put on it.

I couldn't see pumping a pile of money into a bike in an effort to make it into something it wasn't intended to be, so I left it alone and got a blue one. A lot less money than modifying the XR into a YZ/WR. I used the XR for what it was intended for and enjoyed it.

Good luck!

Try XR,S only .com

Scott Summer's racing, I think he has a web site now? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1996 Xr650L ------2001YZ 426F

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