Coolant Reservoir Question

05 WR450

I'm in a bind......My coolant reservoir under the rear fender was destroyed by my back tire after getting run into in a race.

Well...The part is on order but won't be here until next week....

There is another race this weekend, so, will it be ok to run the race without the reservoir?

Is it the same size as a 06 WR250 reservoir because my friend has that bike which I might be able to steel off..

You can run without it. :devil:

My level never goes up or down so I would run without it too. Good luck, and watch that backdoor for unwelcome guests!

Thanks Guys, I thought I could since it was destroyed at mile 5, and I didn't notice it until 95 miles later after the race :devil:

i'd say it would be ok, but leave the line open for a vent and check the level when you can.

I completely removed mine on my '05 the day after i got it - and it has now done 4,000 klm +

Just run a breather tube from the cap overflow down the frame between the radiators and tuck it in behind the engine guard. I check my coolant before each ride and, apart from the 20mm air gap to allow for expansion, it never moves. It's just another road/environment legal requirement.

The resevoir is just that, a resevoir for when the bike boils(higher pressure) it pushes coolant into the resevoir, when it cools again it causes a vacumm in the radiator thus sucking coolant back into the radiators. No big deal if it's removed, only thing is you will lose coolant if you boil as it will dump it on the ground.

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