Clip or Rivet

OK, the stock chain on a 650r is riveted. I always hear you shouldn't use a clip master link. My question is why? Do our bikes put out enough torque that the side plate will flex causing the clip to fly off? It's almost time for me to get new sprockets and chain - I will probably go with riveted, but a chain with a master link sure is easier to replace and to remove for repairs etc. Opinions?

no. clip will be fine!! 100% safe if installed right.

There are alot of people that use a clip link. I went with a rivet link myself. The rivet link is by far the most secure, if you are willing to put up with the extra hassle.

clip it

I have always used the clip, without a problem. If you were racing then the rivet would be the way to go. The additional labor to rivet and the tool itself are not too bad, but for ease of maintanance you cant beat the clip. Just put it on right!

The clip is ok, not as good as a rivet, you should check the clip once in awhile the chain rubs the chain guides and sometimes the clips become a loose fit.

4 years, 8k miles, and 3 replacement chains and no problems with the clip. As everyone else said, be sure to put it in facing the right way, with the opening facing the opposite of the chain rotation.

There are really 3 different kinds. Clip, pressed on with clip and rivet. I have only seen the clip type on non o-ring chain. With this type the side plate goes on easy and clip is the only thing holding it together. If that clip pops off so does your chain. I don't really like this type.

Most o-ring and x-ring chains that I have had are pressed on with a clip. It takes a lot of force to get the side plate on. When I didn't have the proper tool, I used vice grips to press it on. The plate is on there pretty securely, but there is still a clip. I've had the clip pop off on this type with no problem. Once I replaced this type of chain and the clip was gone. It may have been gone for over a year, as I had no idea when it came off.

Then there is the true rivet type. This has to be the most secure type. I'm pretty sure that this type requires a special installation tool, but since I've never had one of these chains I don't know for sure.

I have always used clips for thier ease of removal if necessary, and have found that since I went to Stainless Sprockets and the highest tensile strength O-ring chain I could find, that the clip begins to wear away long before the chain and sprockets are toast. If you plan to run either, I would reccommend keeping at least one or more master link clips on hand in your possibles kit.

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