best sproket combo for woods riding

Looking for suggestions on what ratio to run on my 2001 426 for tight woods trails? During last weekends ride coming out of some moderate turns in third gear it felt like the motor was not turning enough R's to be crisp. I was thinking of going to a 52 tooth rear vs. the stock 49 tooth? It wasn't that far off, but any suggestion would be appreciated.

It ultimately depends on what your riding style is and where you like to be in the powerband, but I ran 14/51 and it did great. I just replaced my stator and f/w with one from a WR (I tell you this because it is about 8 oz. heavier) and went back to stock gearing to see if the added weight will be of benefit.

I use stock gearing.

13/52 worked good for me in the really ugly stuff, but you could probably get away with 14/52 most of the time.

13/50 here. Not quite low enough for the tight trails I ride, debating on going to a 13/52 or 13/53, but haven't talked myself into paying for another sprocket that wont give me much lower gearing. Tryin to get some lights on it first.

Ran a 14/52 for a while. Great for the tight stuff/woods - really low. I really like a 14/50. Good combo for woods and MX. I believe the stock is 14/49.

13/51 plus a 12oz flywheel weight and the 426 becomes the ultimate woods monster. :devil:

Here in Michigan in the tight trees droping 1 tooth on the front sprocket is a real common mod. Works great.

Agree with a 13 countershaft, then play with the rear 50-53 tooth should work well for the tight stuff.

I got a 13/51 on my bike and I like it a lot. Now instead of doing hills in 2nd gear I can easily pull 3rd or 4th


works great for about everything! MX, AX and woods.

I run stock 14/49 with 14 oz flywheel and a 444 big bore kit, seems to work great for tight single track or wide open beach runs on the rivers.


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