NEW DS Baja DEsigns kit for wr450

Yeah, Ben from BD was telling me they are trying to track down why the stock yamaha untis failed. they don't want to have to do the stator mod, so they are running the headlight on AC same as factory does, only adding high/low beam from what I can read into it, to make it easier and cheaper to do the kit, keeping it competative. I hope they figure it all out or their reputation will be going down.

based on what has been going on in the marketplace i wonder what the demand is actually like now that plating a bike in CA is next to near impossible. that has to effect sales and personal decisions to buy the kit. i charged ahead anyhow and did mine.

i have no idea what the longterm solution is. i know that the issues are having are only with the wr. ben said that if they do change the kit their goal is always to make it easy to install and affordable. i would still have to say that they are sticking behind their product and trying to find a solution instead of just blowing off thier customer base. to me that says a lot. i know some are down on BD but based on my experiences to date they are top notch.

i hope they get it all worked out. i put another 50 miles on the bike this weekend in baja (street and dirt). i had 0 issues this weekend with the kit.

just a little update.

the stock yamaha voltage regulator failed. we put in a stock ktm one and it has held up for 600 miles.

ben mentioned that the wr kit will now come with the stator mod since it would be around the same to source a new voltage reg and get the harness for it correctly worked out.

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