07 Racer X 450 Shootout

Really? (Yawn) How so?

Put it this way, last year they all LOOOOOVED the Kawi. Kawi this and Kawi that was basically the logn and short of the story, and now this year even Pingree rated it last. Not that i care too much, i'm just lovin it that the Yami is gettin some good respect! All in all though it is also clear that any bike could be a winner with just a little fine tuning.

nay idea on when the 250f's will be rated

... Kawi this and Kawi that was basically the logn and short of the story, and now this year even Pingree rated it last. ...
And do you know why? Only my opinion, of course...
And do you know why? Only my opinion, of course...

I get where you are comin from Gray, i think :devil:

All i have to say is, not one of the bikes seems to have a flaw that can't be tuned out and perfected. Which leads me to this, if i was to buy a bike this year it would simply boil down to which one i know i can rely on the most. Thats why i ended up with my 06 YZ250F this past year and i don't regret it the slightest.

And do you know why? Only my opinion, of course...

No why?

No why?

it's an opinion that's it...I think that is what he meant. All bikes are great just everybody has their preference..

No why?
Everyone expected a lot from the KX450. They were hoping for a bike that revealed the extra thought and refinement that must have gone into it in the extra two tears it took to get to market. So when it showed up, most magazines tested it with stars in their eyes, and failed to give it the real criticism it deserved.

I quote: "There are three kinds of test reports: 1) Rave reviews, 2) Glad-hand reports and, 3) scorched earth tests. Every young test rider, unsure of his knowledge or devoid of it, writes a glad hand report to disguise his lack of commitment. ...if they don't say anything bad, no one will be offended.

"...Take the '06 Kawasaki KX450F, for example. Every magazine, save for MXA, glad-handed it to death--some even put the laurel wreath on its lofty head. MXA scorched it! In MXA's opinion, it was a seriously flawed bike. Its four speed gearbox had only three speeds, its shock was deplorably under-damped, the rising rate was way off, and the power band, while pleasant, wasn't stellar compared to its worthy competition. Kawasaki was happy about the rave reviews, but...(their) engineers knew the truth...And for 2007, they ignored the rave reviews and responded to every one of MXA's complaints... Were we right, and everybody else wrong? You bet we were. But the real point is that Kawasaki knew that everyone else was wrong."

(Jody Weisel, without permission, from MXA, October 2006)

And, in a way, I'm not sure that they're right about how far down they ranked the KX this year either, as it is a much improved ride over the '06 model. And the '06 was a good bike, don't get me wrong, even if it had some shortcomings and really did deserve to be ranked 5th out of 5. I think that what you're seeing is that a lot of mags that expressed such glossy opinions of the bike last year are trying to cover for the fact that they didn't point out any of the bikes flaws, when they were so obvious. IMO, as I said, I think they embarrassed themselves, and rightfully so.

Is that your opinion or MXA's? Have you ridden the 06 KX? MXA does have more credibility than the rest on bike test, especially transworld which is a joke, but I doubt seasoned pro riders like Pingree and his gang get as excited about a new bike as you imply. Those guys have been riding a long time. Racer X gave it top honors as did Transworld.

[ Racer X gave it top honors as did Transworld.

yes they did, LAST YEAR. But this years result from Racer X is the opposite to last year's. Yes as you say Pingree has ridden tons of bikes and last year he loved it, this year he chose it as the last bike out of all the others which proves the general consensus here and which i also believe backs up what i think Grayracer is trying to say.

I wonder sometimes how much we can trust the x racers. After all, these guys did not make enough money to last a lifetime. Half the time I believe they are writing to hopefully get a job from a factory....or writing to keep one.

Phil Lawrence has a successful business, Lachein own Maximum oils, Valede works for MSR, and Ping obviously has the RacerX gig. Shootouts are just their opinions. Sure they probably dont want to upset the apple cart so to speak, but if you read between the lines, you can figure it out.

Dirt Bike said the YZ has great low end and can pull 3rd out of turns no problem due to a great low end. Dirt rider says the bike lacks low end. The RacerX guys all have a bit different opinions of the same bike. Its why there are 52 flavors of Ice cream. I personally dont think you can wrong. I am going blue after 2 years of Yellow and 3 years of RED before that. Not that those wouldnt be great choices, its just that I want to try something different and the YZ appears to be a great bike.

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