2007 has arrived!!!

Finally got the call today for the new scoot....hoooooray!Pick it up in Oklahoma tomorrow,should be a 5 hour drive for me but it'll probably seem about ten times that much.I already have some aftermarket bars and grips along with fuel screw and some extra air filters.I freaking can't wait!Soon as i get home i'm swapping bars and filter and then checking over all nuts and bolts.Sunday we'll be the first ride!I'll give a ride report sunday or monday hopefully mabye even post some pics.If your lucky some action pics... :thumbsdn:

By the way i got the blue one.I figuere that if i feel like a white one i can always get the henry kit.I probably won't even sleep tonight :devil: .This will be my first yamaha and hopefully not my last.Hope all others waiting for the call get it soon!

congrads... cant wait to get my call... :devil: lol you should post some pics of the bike when you gets her home

...even post some pics.If your lucky some action pics...
Who would have guessed?

right on brotha!

well after 700 miles i got her home.I'll try to post some pics tomorrow mabye even some action pics for graybush513.

I know how you feel. I just got mine and couldn't sleep for 2 days before I got it. It was like Christmas! Visions of valves and cams dancing through my head!

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