XR600R sprockets ?

I ordered a JT 15T sprocket for my 90 XR600R

It is thinner than the OEM sprocket by about 1/8in.


Are the Sunstar better fit/quality or do I have to go with a Honda OEM sprocket?

What about a case saver with the 15T sprocket?

Not much room in there?

What's everyone using?


PS Will I be able to use the same chain length with 13/48 and 15/48?

I'm currently running the RockyMountain Tusk house brand sprockets. I was quite surprised at the quality of the countershaft sprocket. If you want a Honda 15 tooth countershaft sprocket, get the one for the 650L.

My XR600R is a 90

The aftermarket catalogues list 88 to 90 as a different part # for the counter sprocket than the other XR600R's.

I know the 91 and later XR600R's are the same as the XR650L.

Are the 88 to 90's the same too?

I have read and heard of a different number of splines on earlier XR600R's?


You are correct. I sure thought that they were the same but they are not. Therefore the 650L sprocket is different. There is no better way to find out what you don't know than opening you mouth. :devil:

About the only thing you can do is try other aftermarket companies.

You are correct to not want to use the thinner sprocket. The splines on the countershaft do wear. On of my friends used a cheap poorly made afterarket sprocket on his 650L. It what thinner on the inside splines. The added stress on that thinner part wore the splines off the countershaft. He had to replace the countershaft and it cost him a lot.

Well, found out for myself.

The earlier XL600R counter sprockets fit the earlier XR600R......

Not the XR650L sprockets...they fit XR600R's from 91 forward though.

I bought a Honda 15T counter.

The Honda sprocket is wider and far higher quality.....

The JT sprocket was too thin and shit quality!!

A thinner sprocket will stress the splines more than a thicker one- and those older 6-spline ones need all the babying they can get.


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