Stock 06 exhaust sound decibel?

ANyone know the stock sound decibel? I have a pro moto billet end cap with the spark arrestor in and without the sound dampning plug. I have a race on sunday and there is a strict 99 decibel limit. Any help?

no chance on getting 99db

i think the stock pipe is about 104

yeah, it's pretty freakin' loud. even at moonrocks it seemed loud...and that's out in the desert.

anyone one else

Yeah, I think my '06 is one of the loudest bikes I have heard/ridden. I ordered an Akrapovic evolution system the other day, it should be here on Thursday. They are supposed to quiet the '06 down a little, without robbing any power. I hope so, it is starting to give me an ear ache.

no chance on getting 99db

i think the stock pipe is about 104

It's loud, but not that loud. I think that it is closer to 100db.

If you order a db dawg insert now, you could have it in time for sunday... If you fail the sound test the insert will install in seconds. You will pass with that in there. Its only $39

At ca. races the rangers always let a few Db's slide

Well at least thats wat it seems like...

Quiet is Cool Products ( ) has some great products that might be able to quiet it down. I use their stuff in my 400 and 426 with great success.

My stock 06 was 100/101 dba's at 4500 rpm.

mine with stock exhaust hit 99 db at 2500rpm but I was outside in the woods around other riders so I dont know how accurate that is

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