Who eles makes a SRC fork brace? Rcw?

Anyone know what the companys names or website is that makes the SRC style fork brace? I think it was RC something?



Try this one:

Super Brace

The superbrace is pretty trick looking, but is twice the price of the rsw racing brace. I have the rsw and it really tightens up the front end, is made from billet aluminum and installs in five minutes.

For you guys running a forkbrace, what are the advantages? I ride 50/50 and do some jumps here and there.

As stated above really tightens up the front end, response when turning is more precise, and faster. prevents twisting action, ties fork legs together for better suspension action.

FYI.. I just change out to showa USD forks... I have a SRC for brace and guards up for grabs...

PM me if your interested.

I sent you a PM


I sent you a PM about the brace and guards


SRC Brace...

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