Damaged engine after 50 hrs. on YZ450FT 05

May have run low on oil, if I had an ounce of sense in my brain, I would have checked before a 63 mile ride with a 70+ MPH blast down a dirt road that caused the bike to stall. After the engine cooled the bike started well but made some banging noises like the piston, rod, or valves were not working correctly. Had briefly over revved the bike (3 sec. or so) and let of the gas, then it died. Started but began to sound odd. Limped it home and after it cooled made louder noises. Please kill me for being stupid or help me because I love this bike. Factory connection suspension, titanium pipe, carbon exhaust, RP3 handle bar stabilizer...way fun until now. It is at Reno Motor Sports and they are going to tear it down and tell me what evil deeds I have done very soon. Anyone have a similar experience.


When was the last time you checked or changed the oil???

Get you wallet out....ouch....sorry man

Well, that really sucks. I would start will taking off the cylinder and head... that should give you an idea of what your looking at. Hopefully it didn't starve for oil too much, or you may have to pull the motor out and do a complete tear down.

Get you wallet out....ouch....sorry man

:devil: Ditto


my 450 had the ristpin gone and the ristpin screwed the piston

it will only cost about 350 to fix

did someone say cam seizure? :devil:

Thanks all got the good news back from a local and very reputable shop....Damaged cams....rod...cylinder....TOTAL REBUILD. I looked at all the parts to verify. They were kind enough to charge me what I would pay for the parts doing some good shopping on the internet and 450.00 labor. LET ME BE A LESSON FOR ALL IDIOTS (newbies) that came from the 2 stroke camp and were not aware of the 4 stroke sensitivity issues. I only had about 8hrs. on the bike without checking the oil. Some of it may have been prior wear but there is only about 50hrs. on the engine. I can assure you that this $1350.00 mistake will be my last. Unfortunately my last bike was a Honda CR 500 and I was so stoked to ride that had my head up my ass. Thanks for all your replies.

Reno NV


That's too bad about youur bike, but I have a suggestion. Go get your bike and pay them for the labor that they have done take it home and go buy a good craftmen set of metric tools and a 3/8 drive torque wrench. Read the manual and rebuild it yourself. you will learn soooo much:prof: and from then on you will know many small problems by learning about how everything works. :thumbsdn: By the way, now would be a good time to replace the timing chain,:devil: even if the shop says its ok. They are only about 15 bucks

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