Stoneyford on Saturday Anyone????? :)

Monty DRZRon and myself are going up Saturday. We will be meeting at Bill and Kathy's at 0800 hours. Anyone interested in joing us is welcome. Don't worry about your Christmas shopping. You can all follow Unkle Moose's example and do it on the 24th! :)

Paul I got mine today a W.E.R Damper good old sant nick.See you sat, at B&K


Woowee, DRZRon couldn't make it so it was just Monty and me. We had blast! 47.4 miles and the conditions were PERFECT!!!! That was the longest ride so far on the KTM. All I have to say is BITCHEN!!!!! :D That bike rocks! Oh, where am I?! Uh, almost as good as my WR! :) Thanks for a GREAT ride Monty!

Geart ride paul the ground was the best it has been all year.The snow and ice up high should melt with the warmer temps so we can ride the upper trails but the lower trails were so much fun we didn't care about the upper ones, we found out at 47miles the 520 ktm goe's on rev, in the fuel tank.Mike you did good getting the bigger tank.The W.E.R. Damper worked geart ,see you guys on new years I'll be there on thrusday night so if any one has friday off come on up.

monty :)

:) Is that 47 miles to reserve?????

WOW I couldn't cope with that, I could get further than that on a Beta Trials Bike!! :D:D

Guy, no I ran out and had to turn reserve on at 44.5 miles! Our total loop was 47 miles and some change. I was going to wait before ordering a new tank but now guess I have to get it sooner than planned. Good thing I ran out on that really big down hill and not the really big up hill! :):D

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Hey Monty,

John in Granite Bay, my neighbor Dan and I thought about going to Stoneyford on the29th. Are you going to be up there. By your post it appears that you are. Let me know as this will probably be my first ride since our last one.

Looking forward to it.

Mike in Roseville.

Mike yes I will be there on the 29th, hope you can make it,the groud has been the best it's has been all year I just hope the ice and snow melt on top of goat mont, befroe the 29th it should if we get some more warm storms coming in.It's been getting in the 40s at night so that will help.

monty :)

UnkleMoose does his shopping on the 24th? That explains why I always get the last gifts left on the shelf (everyone needs a big mouth billy fish right?)

KLXer, here is a tip. Get a catalog of motorcycle accessories or whatever. Circle all the cool stuff you want then mail it to Unkle Moose with a yellow sticky lable that says "Only 30 more shopping days until Christmas"! That way he can order a gift that he will know you will like and it will be very easy on him as well. If that doesn't work, save the singing fish and give it to him for his birthday! :):D:D

Just a notice stonyford is starting sound testing I talked to 3 guys that got tested they past,101db so if your coming up new years be ready there are just testing now but who knows what they will do come jan-1-2002.

monty :)

See this post. Bad news and pipes and sound.

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