How many of you ride your 450F for woods?

I bought a new 50 tooth spocket. I put a new FMF ppower bomb header on last week.( big improvment in low end). I have not installed the new sprocket yet, so I'm hoping adding one tooth will give me a little more first gear in the slow creeping stuff on Hare Scambles and make 3rd gear more usable on out of the corner doubles for MX.

My 03 450 is a woods bike now after WR 5 speed / 10oz flywheel / hand guards / scotts steering stabilizer / 18 in rear / 20 up front / powernow /magura jack clutch / 470cc/ coolant overflow tank Now it's a woods bike:applause:

not many guys run the 20" front. is that really worth it and whats out there for tire selection?

I used to race only eastern hare scrambles and enduros so I know my tight woods and rock riding. Last 10 years only motocross though. And this year exclusively on my '06 YZ450. I was one of those who broke his hub and reverted to my "2000" YZ250 (setup for mx) for 2 weekends.

So, one of my moto tracks ( has a hare scrambles track abutting its moto track so I could do combined laps. Well, let me say the YZ450 felt pretty good! That was until I was forced to ride the YZ250 in there after the 450 hub blew. NO COMPARISON. Not only is the YZ250 faster in those sections, it makes the YZ450 feel like a hippopotumus. Downhill descents on the 450 were particularly unnerving to me.

Don't get me wrong. The YZ450 works. But it honestly feels about as competitive as my old XL600 (street legal too).

So, I don't get it.


With the 20 going threw rock I don't worry about pinch flating dinged up rim The tire is a 90/100/20 there is more rubber for turning:applause: 4 strokes don't turn from the rear like 2 smokes they turn more from the front. Tire selections. Dunlap has a very good selection I think is the best The 756f works very well for me all year long. I tried a bridgestone Ty Davis had a hole SH+t load for $19.00 so i tried one They were hard pack tire smilier to the Dunlap 739f. I know Maxxis has one. Never tried one I hear works well.I know Michelin don't make a 20 yet i don't know why I have not researched much more the 756f is the tire for me !

not many guys run the 20" front. is that really worth it and whats out there for tire selection?

For those interested in a 90/100, they are available in 90/100x21 also.

I enjoy riding my 2001 yz426 in woods, great power, good handling,very aggressive, the only down fall of it is going street legal compared to the WR is alot more $$$ , But the YZ sure tears it up nicely

I have a 04' YZ450 & use it mostly for trails, some MX. 14/51

gearing, GYTR off road flywheel, GYTR clutch kit w/ a

Rekluse clutch, 756's all around, RG3 triple clamps w/

pro-tapers, Acerbis 3.8gal tank and full protection(rad guards,

skid-plate, disk guards, frame guards etc). The bike is

awesome. It doesn't stall, it's easily controlled, and best

of all the reliability is awesome. I've had it for 2 years &

the valves are still perfect, never needed adjusting! With

regular maintenance and changing the oil frequently(AMSOIL),

I'm sure it will last a long time! I had the suspension done

by JN Innovations here in Norcal & it's awesome. The

adjustability between the Rekluse & the suspension & I can

adapt to any riding I've come across all over CA. 450's are

great for the woods, just fine tune it to your needs!:mad:

parrishtrack002.jpg- have a 2002 yz/wr 426. It was a WR till the freaking rod decided to split the block down the center about 7inches. I then bought a used 2000 YZ 426 that was built for flat-track with a 444 wiseco big-bore, web cams and it was ported and polished. What I did was I kept the overflow bottle, 18inch rear wheel,and I kept the kickstand, but took off the dorky headlight and taillight. Then, since I have a YZ tranny now (which I LOVE), I went down a tooth in the front to 13 and 51 alloy vortex in the rear. Now I have A bike that chugs, NEVER boils over, can run faster than ANY of my buddies, The only problem is my arm sockets hurt sooo bad the next day after riding from all that pulling this engine does. I really think its to much for me on our private track which is a pefect mix of wood/mx/trails. If I had to do all over again, I would have bought a YZ and then bought the overflow bottle, 18in rear wheel, kickstand. I did it in reverse. My bike is SICK fast. Too much hit. I am learning how to use the throttle or manage it better to be a better rider. Im 40, not afraid to get airtime, but im selling this bike soon to get a 2007 yz450. If anyone is interested, call me 941-809-0861 Jeff Reevessummer2006110.jpg

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