Stock jets and needle pos on an '02

While I've got my carb apart for cleaning I though I'd check what the original owner might have changed in-so-far as jets and needle position. I can't find stock settings either in my shop manual or doing a search here at TT.

I'd also be interested in someones suggestions for new settings at my altitude of about 3000ft. It runs OK as is but I don't have a good feel for whether it might be a little rich or lean and if could run even better.

I've recently installed a Quickshot AC pump cover too and that seemed to help the bottom end a bit. The BK mod is outta my league because I don't understand all that timing of the squirt thing so I'd rather just get it jetted as best possible. Thanks

Here's what I've got now:

main 162

pilot 42

starter 72

needle 3rd from top

fuel screw zip-ty 2 1/2 turns out

needle jet (could not locate)

Thats the stock jets. Buy yourself a JD jet kit and follow the instructions. I could not believe how crisp my 426 is with the kit. Its a night and day difference in throttle response.

Thanks 642MX. The one discrepancy with this present set-up though and what the manual does say is that the needle's supposed to be in the forth (not third) position. Until I get a JD kit I'll probably move it back to the forth cause I think it's running a little lean anyway.

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