Panic Situation- Please Help

Did my first oil change on the 03WR the other day, and afterward, it leaked like a sieve. So I go about torquing all the drain bolts down to specs, which takes care of most of the problems, except the oil hose from the tank to the side of the motor on the right side (with the o-ring). When I tried to torque to 7.2 lbs per manual, the bolt just keeps turning. So I find that the threads are stripped I get a helicoil, drill out the hole and install the helicoil, but I notice while doing this, that oil leaks from the bolt hole too!!! SO after I install the coil, I punch off the little drive tang, and now I can't get it to come out of the hole, plus it seems like whatever is at the bottom of the hole just keeps going back into the motor. Now I have myself in a real situation and I don't fully understand whats back there, or where that little piece of metal from the helicoil could have gone. I really need some advice from some experienced people here who might be able to help me find my way out of this situation. I have the manual, but I find in a lot of situations, they leave out key portions of diagrams, etc. I have a feeling I really screwed myself, so any input would help.

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