Right Crankcase Cover Removal?

Anyone out there ever have to do this to their machine? I've read the manual, but as usual, it only gives the bare minimum of instructions. Was hoping someone had done it before and could walk me through the procedure before I begin. It's on an 03 WR450. I need to get it off so I can try to get the oil line bolt hole fixed right, and make sure there are no little pieces of metal in the bottom of the engine that might get up into the tranny or worse. Funny- I thought getting a newer bike would give me fewer problems- but this thing's been nothing but a pain in the a$$ since the get-go. Maybe I shoulda just stuck with the old CR. Anyways- let me know if you guys have any ideas- there's gotta be someone on this forum that's done more to their bike than put stickers on it and new handlebars. THanks!

i removed my right crankcase cover on my WR426 2001 last week.

at my model you have to remove the water pump cover oil filter cover and the clutch cover before removing the crankcase cover (their are some bolts that share to those covers and the crankcase cover), after doing that, remove the other bolts and release the cover carefully equal pressure because it has two guided pins.

It's always dodgy buying a second hand 4T if you don't know the history of the machine or the previous owner.

Good luck hope you get it sorted.

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