Anybody ridden the 06 vs 07

Anybody off the 06 and bought a new 07 with differences report. Like to hear from someone who has owns both

I rode several 06 models, a new one when they first came out and one as we were waiting for the 07. After putting in a few more laps today I need to correct myself, the motor on the 07 does seem to have less bottom but is most likely due to the exhaust. The power is still very good and had good starts last week but definately needs at least a slip on.

As far as suspension, the longer shock did not seem to be as big of an issue as I first thought. We ended up with about the same set-up as most of our Yamaha's, the forks at the line and so far 100mm sag. At first it did not seem like this was going to work but after the shock started loosening up this started feeling like the right set-up. We never hit the fender with the longer shock.

All in all it is close to the 06 with a few improvements. I think with an exhaust it will really come alive and be a great bike.

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