Can someone help me!

Ok guys, my dad just bought a WR450F....well it hasn't been rode in a while we do know that...but when he goes to slow down in tight spots then goes to crack the throttle it stalls, and when it's sittin at idle and sometimes when you crack the throttle too quick it stalls or hesitates. It also tends to backfire quite a bit too. Did anyone else have that prob. or can tell me what to do?

order the JD jet kit from the TT store and that should clean up the off idle stumble. The WRs are jetted terribly stock.

Also make sure you have done all the free mods that really open up the WR.

the site is for the Wr250 but the free mods are the same.

Also if it hasn't been ridden in a while, make sure you clean the carb when you install the jet kit, as well as make sure you clean and oil the air filter.

My new 06 did the same thing. I followed all of the guideance from here and the results were amazing. It cleaned up everything and gave a ton of power to boot. If you have any questions let me know or someone more knowledgeable then me will help you out. Contrats to your dad on his bike.

I wish i could fix mine, she's jetted pretty good and all the free mods done, but she still stalls when i hit the throttle quickly off idle or low speed. There is a wealth of information here on this just search for 'Bog' . There is some settings about changing the timing on the accelerator pump to help also.

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