Stupid dealership

Ok since the dealership is taking their sweet time in sending the manual for my 07 XR650L, CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE BREAK IN PERIOD. and how about jet suggestions with uncorked stock pipe, snorkel gone, dave's mods, k&n 795ft above sea level?

break in is 600 miles (its in the owners manual)

i am almost at 600 miles and have been waiting for my service manual to arrive to do my oil change (to make sure i dont miss anything).

DEALERS S--K, when it comes to parts. mine has looked me in the eye and lied to me! I got tired of waiting for a manual. Bought one on ebay, on disk, so I can print out what part I need and do not have to worry about getting it dirty. Oh, was only $15 to my door!

On the jetting a 160 main should be about right, you should be ok with the stock pilot.

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