what a find!

I just found this site by chance and I am stoked by the amount of info that is shared. Oh what I've been missing, I think I am going to have to move the computer in the garge next to the bike. The last two days have been spent looking at post from the last 6 months and I can't believe what I've been missing.

New bike: $6000+

New Compaq: $899

Snack and drink while online: $1.50

Finding TT while online: Priceless.

Welcome aboard!


Originally posted by jay sellars:

I just found this site by chance

Jay, Welcome!!! Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!!! I know I spend way too much time on TT myself :)


I talked to a newbie just yesterday. He called me to get in on the Kouba tool deal.

He was totally unaware of the BK mod, the grey wire mod, and he wants to de-octopus! Good for him!! :)

That is a LOT of info he has at once. And to think the old timers have seen it develop over the last 3 years...

Quite a learning experience!

Want to get in on a Kouba T Handle Pilot screw adjusting tool? One time offer ONLY for $13.00.

Deadline CLOSES @ noon Friday, 12/14 eastern standard time.

Jay, welcome aboard! :)

Spode, LOL :) . jay, you found the best site on the web, welcome.

Jay, it appears you live only minutes from me so we should get together for a ride sometime. I think I'm going to take this weekend off because that would make four in a row. Send me a personal message. Eric

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