06 450 hub failure

Hey guys thinkin bout tradin the trusty old YZ400F in on a 06 and read bout this bearing spinning inside the hub and just wondered if the dealer or yamaha was wearin the cost for the people that have had problems. (just curious)


From my understanding of this issue, it stems from over-tightening the chain. The manual (if the owner would read it) states to run the chain a bit looser than older models.

I have no issues with my '06 250F or 450F.

70 hours and mine went. The issue has nothing to do with the chain tightness as least in my situation, always have mine set to two inches of slack.

I have owned YZ4xxF's since 02/99 and have never had a problem with hubs till my '06. Reading another thread on the subject I believe its just a bad design on Yamaha's part having only one bearing on the drive side, Honda was two.

Sorry to hear that DPW ,

I will certainly keep an eye on my from here on out.

I think some of it has to do with the skill of the rider or weight(in my case 200lbs) and how you ride. The hub problem should not be a reason not to buy a '06 YZ450F, there are plenty of folks that do not have an issue and there are aftermarket hubs out there that fix the problem too.

If you hear a "pop" when you tighten the rear axle nut you probably have an issue.

DPW, did you buy a whole new hub/bearing to rectify the problem and if so did the dealer or yamaha cover any cost.

I wonder if it also has anything to do with yamaha not putting a proper amount of lube on everything.I hope i dont have any problems.

ahhh. come on. I was the one who started the original thread on this. I fixed it (as per advice from a Thumpertalk member) with a $4 tube of RED loctite. Try another brand and you need $3,000 worth of engine parts when (the engine blows a hole through the bottom of the cases.) Yes, go to the other Thumpertalk forums and check it out (won't tell you which one!).

Geez, luckily I had not fallen and torn my OEM grips. Would have cost 4 times as much as the hub failure did !


sic, could you explain what the red loctite fix is? Is it just filling in the "gap" with loctite and allowing it do dry?

sic, could you explain what the red loctite fix is? Is it just filling in the "gap" with loctite and allowing it do dry?

Well, first I used a new bearing since I figured it will be glued in there a while now. I just cleaned the surfaces thoroughly and lightly etched the bearing and the hub surface with steel wool. Just put the Red Loctite over everything and tapped it in (remembering NOT to forget that long cylindrical spacer that spans the width of the hub!). It was certainly loose after tapping it in. I then put the wheel on a milk crate and dropped the axle straight through and tapped it a few times to make sure that bearing was seated, aligned. I had the wheel positioned so that the weight of the axle was gravity pushing straight down on the bearing. Then let it dry for 24 hours.

This weekend I rode 2 days at www.HHmotocross.com (Saturday practice and 4 motos on Sunday). Still holding up fine. I do put it up on the stand and check it every 2 motos. Again, still tight as new.


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