HELP!!!!!05' wr450

:devil:Hello chaps!!!! ive just purchased a new 450 and i belive it is a Caifonia model and it is restricted.ive been lookin at the Free mods wot is a ASI kit??..were do i find the gray wire???The adjustable fuel screw etc....!!!!the bike has a full ackro pipe on it and has made a difference however it still back fires and stalls it needs rejetting!!and that dam restricter mod removing!! As i live in the UK would it be possible for me to purchase what i require from the states??? cheers jeff!!! :thumbsdn:

Welcome Jeff,

I recommend reading the sticky at the top of the forum, regarding free mods for WR450. Also check out the following site:

As for any goodies you want eg. AIS removal, JD jetting kit etc try the TT store :

Good luck :devil:

:devil: Right im sorted thanks to boar cheers!!!! been readin all the information on the TT site got the mods changed,air box cut out,throttle stop changed, ASI removed and holes pluged!!!Or and gray wire sorted (this took a while to find).......Have'nt ad chance to get out on it yet still in bits.....its going to get an oil and filter this week...!! the boys(MONGS)and my self are goin to the I.O.Man for a wend on the SMotos!!! Let you boys know the out come soon!!!!.......... or got a set of hot cams for it next then will put her on a rolling road...for jettin lookin for 50ish hourses then i'll be happy....Photo's to follow!!!!:thumbsdn: as we say STRENGTH AND HONOUR!!

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