Cooler engine temps (110-130 F) a problem?

With the cooler weather, riding my plated WR426 on the street really cools her down too much. My Trailtech Vapor is reporting consistent engine temps of 110-130 degrees on the street because of the cooler temps and lots of airflow. I only run Yamahalube semi-synthetic 10W-50 in the bike and change it often. Will it cause harm to the engine to run it at such low operating temps? It's too bad there isn't a thermostat on this thing to regulate coolant flow.

2nd question: Is a 10W-30 or 10W-40 any better at lower temps than the 10W-50 or are will they all behave as a 10W oil at those lower temps?

That normal. I sell gauges for ATV's and have one on my WR 450. It ran on the peg this weekend most of the time and that is at 90 degrees. It was cold this weekend in MI at about 40 degrees on Saturday. When I was stopped it would get up about 120-130. In the summer as you know it runs between 150 to 190 most of the time. I do not know alot about oil but I use 10-40 all the time at 5000 miles and not one problem.


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