Seal saver boots

I've got a 03 wr450 and have a problem with the front fork seals leaking. I am looking in to getting a pair of Seal Saver boots. Has anyone been using them. If so how do they hold up? Are the longer boots better than the short ones. Any info would be great. Thanks

They work great. I put on a pair of the short ones after replacing the seals, no problems since. You may not even need new seals, just try cleaning them with a business card or piece of film first. Use the search feature to get all the details on how to do it. :devil:

I have used the long ones for a few years now with great results. Much longer seal life and extra protection for the upper tubes.

I've also used the short Seal Savers with great results, however they are hard to clean out if you're so inclined. There is an alternative to compare called Shox Sox which a buddy of mine uses. They seem nice too and can be undone for intermittent cleaning.

I don't ride without them..

Seal Savers are a great! I won't ride without them!!

Hey Dan, tell the ol' man I said hi and we'll do the 1000 next year together!!!

Same as the rest - much longer seal life. A must if you're doing many muddy river crossings.

After 2 hours of ownership, I had a leaker. After that, I took seal maintenance seriously. I now have 4 seasons on the bike - over 1800 trail/race miles (127 hours of run time) - without a failure.

I always make sure the forks are clean and I wet them with a little fork oil before a ride. I clean the fork wipers and keep the wiper filled with white lithium grease too.


+1 on the above. Only thing to watch out for is trapping dirt inside the sealsavers close to the seal. Just be sure to wash'em good every couple rides.

Hey Dan, tell the ol' man I said hi and we'll do the 1000 next year together!!!

Very cool Alan..... I should be all healed up by then, we went riding to Laughlin on Saturday and broke my left hand and collar bone. Traction was a little too good :devil:

Pops says hello......

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