AMA Board of Directors election

Ballots for the AMA Board of Directors election for regions in the southern half of the US are due in by 15 Jan 02. These are districts 8-10, 13, 29, 32, 43, 44, 18-21, 41, 42, 25, 26, 31,35, 37-39 & 45. Ballots are in this month’s AMA magazine.

Remember the old adage: You can't complain if you don't vote.

Some things to consider:

Supercross potentially heading down the same path as IRL & CART in 2003?

$3M of the AMA's money pot down the drain for an out of court settlement on a joint venture partnership gone bad. $3M that can't be used to fight the Eco-nazis and other close to home litigation!

Some potential “landmark” Noise litigation is looming on the horizon. (see NH Kevin’s post on this subject)

An oldie but goodie - No more open class motocrossers.

What’s going to happen with the 4-stroke/2-stroke rules?

Lack of proactive engagement to procure safety device enhancements like the road race/dirt track Air Fence.

There are others, just pick your favorite and vote.

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