So how are those bulb replacement LED's working out?

I've seen a few posts on places where guys were going through them like I burn up bulbs (taillights). Was talking about the ciruit board like pieces that have LED's mounted on them that fits under the OEM tail light lense and replaces the bulb.

What about the LED arrays that plug into a the normal bulb holder, like auto parts stores carry?

I have a UFO tail assembly with integrated turnsignals. I installed a #1157-R24 LED brake/tail light bulb about 6 months ago. Works grreat, excellent light level. Got it for 6.99 from SuperBright LED's, but I am guessing you can probably get the same thing from a good autoparts shop.

I also replaced the push-style/bayonet type turnsignal bulbs with an LED bulb, but the light level is still crap.

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