2007 ride report

I LOVE THIS BIKE....I could leave the whole report to that but i'll explain why!This bike is sneaky fast,very fast.It's quiet with the new silencer that yamaha has but puts the power to the ground better than both honda 450's i've owned.Riden today i felt good as i was breaking it in,track was dry so i wasnt going to push too hard.After a couple warm up sessions i started pushing alittle and each turn i had the biggest smile across my face.This thing corners better than anything i've ridden.Whether it was berms,ruts or fast sweepers this thing gets it! :cry: The suspension i can't give an accurated description yet because i wasnt jumping everything i normally do.I can say that it felt good thru rough straights and chopped out corners.I didnt try to raise the forks in the clamps yet,i felt good the way it was.I'll try that later.I had alittle popping on decelleration but i'll search the forum and find the good jetting tips you guys have.The only thing that i can complain about is the axle blocks.They dont look like a matched pair,one is different from the other one.One has 9 marks and the other has 11.Does everyone else have the same type?I might just get the procircuit blocks for it.I can see why everyone was having problems getting there chains nice and straight.That is the one and only complaint i have at the moment and am very inmpressed with my first yamaha. :thumbsdn::thumbsdn::excuseme::devil:

Axle blocks are suppose to be that way. You have to read them from the back forward!

Axle blocks are suppose to be that way. You have to read them from the back forward!

Your supposed to read them like that?I guess that makes sense.I feel like a DUMSONOFABICH!I'll go check it out again i also need to mount my hour meter.Thanks for the reply Matt96xr6

ran out to the garage and checked it out and you are right.Why are people having trouble gettting there chain straight?This bike is awesome...i want to fire it up and ride it down the street.Well as i was mounting my hour meter and fuel screw it began to rain...bummer.Hopefully i'll get a chance to dial it in further before i go back to work.Has anyone got lucky and been able to adjust the fuel screw and not rejet?

I'll try to get some pics up tonight!

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