wr450 street legal in New York???

Hey guys, I know this question has been asked alot before. I just really need some help here. Im going to buy a wr 450 and it has all the lights and everything on it met to New Yorks standrds. Only problem is it has an offroad title only. Is there any way to get a street title or a dual title? If any one has any help please post it. Thanks alot.


Without jumping through lots of hoops, no.

NY will not street register any bike with an off road title. They won't even allow a conversion, unless you do it as a custom bike, and even then I'm not sure.

What you need to do is register the conversion out of state (I hear VT is good), get a title and then bring it back. There is an indicator in the VIN, so a sharp DMV employee might catch it, but chances are it will get through.

Good luck. I'm moving to Maine.

Well, im not sure. Ive seen a few regestered. I thought to regester a bike out of state, you need to live in that state? And give them your out of state adress. I heard it can be done its just very hard. I made all kinds of calls today. I think if you get it inspected by the state and it passes, they can give you a note saying the bike is able to get a street title. Then you take the note to the dmv and get your title. Has anyone heard of this?

I Have an old 2 stroike WR that I made road legal in NY 5-6 years ago, then it was easy. With my 05 WR I called many times to the DMV and finally got a person who could give real answers.(had to do that before too) Unfortunetly in NY you cannot make an "offroad only" titled vehicle road leagal anymore. The reason they gave was, they were told by Federal government only the manufacturer can change designation, not the state. Sounds like somebody was sued for something now NY is covering there a#$.

I am looking into other states Ohio is easy too but you would have to"sell " it to a friend there and "buy" it back, not impossible just a hassle.

And as mentioned NY will look at the vin which isnt changed and may refuse it based on it will come up "offroad only". Im still looking into what they would do then.

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