tom14911 Hollister 12/22/01

Hey Tom since I can't e-mail you thanks to @home just wanted to let you know we are going to Hollister on Sat Dec 22nd do you or anyone else want to join us.

Thats sounds great! I went on Saturday the 8th and it was excellent, crowded, but excellent. Also going this Sunday with a group of 4 -5. Maube we can hook up, I'll give you a call or swing by your place of employment!


Hey Kraig, we are going up to Stony this Saturday. Can you get a kitchen pass???? :)

Tom stop on by my work and say hello.

Paul No I can't make it this weekend, took the bike apart to clean it up after the Wilseyville Race and still hav'nt put it back together :)

Some day we will meet and ride. Have a safe ride Paul

Hey Unkle Moose, That Wilseyville race sure was fun I think I crashed 3 or 4 times plus a couple stalls. It was nice to meet you and retsenior. We need to get together for a ride sometime. Hollister 12/22 ? I really havn't done any x-mas shopping yet so might not be able to make it.

later marty

MARTY YA STILL GOT DAYS AFTER WE GO RIDING ON THE 22nd. Did you read my post "XMAS SHOPPING" I think you need to shop at the Parts Store @ Hollister Hills :) See ya there Marty :D

Hey Marty are ya gonna make it to Hollister?

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