air filter

i just removed the airfilter from my 426. this is the first time i've done this because i havn't ridden the bike yet so i havn't done the regular maintence on it yet. (got the bike in the summer, now it's cool enough to ride) so i got my warm soapy bucket of water and took off the air filter. there were two filters. is this mormal? the outer one is a uni and the inner filter looks to be stock. should i put them both back on? my old bike didn't have two filters so im just wondering thanks for the help!!! sorry if im not speaking comprehensible english... im slightly tired

Its how the UNI's are made. They seperate to make cleaning easier. Clean both filters, reoil both filters, reassemble, and install.

thanks for the help and thanks for no blasting me :devil: i have been riding for a while but only recently been doing my own maintence

No problem. Glad I could help.

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