04 YZ 450F problems?

I found a good deal on a 04 YZ 450F and am contemplating buying it, I was curious if anyone out there knew of any minor or major problems with the 04's? Was there many changes from the 04's to 05's?

Is there any other web sites that have registries for stuff like this? I know there are some for cars but I cannot find any for dirtbikes...

The '04 had a very slightly less aggressive engine than the '03, Ti footpegs, a shock upgrade, and 48 mm single chamber forks that were significantly better than the '03's. The bike has a lot of snap, and is as reliable as a sundial.

The '05 had a very much softer power character than the earlier models due to a different ignition map. Most people though it ended up giving up too much power. It did have AOSS Kayaba forks, which were KYB's first twin chamber units, and a big improvement, but the bike needs a different ignition box to wake it up.

Both are very durable rides.

get a 04 450 great for the money i see them selling very cheap now

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