Starter clicking

Just wondering if anyone has experienced starter clicking when the button is pushed. All conections tight and a new battery installed. It's on my wifes TTR250. Any ideas??? I have posted on the TTR forum also but always get good advice on this one.

Need more info on your bikes condition and age but here goes assuming it is an audible click when hitting the e start.


Battery is old or weak.

Starter brushes are worn or dirty on the starter motor and cant output the usual starting torque.

Engine has not been run in a while and the piston and drive train are slightly locked up. Kick it several times to make sure it is feed up.

HAs no kick start mechanism. It is a 99 in great shape and has not been run in a while (months). Put in a new battery fully charged when I tried starting it. Was able to turn it over a little by trying to bump start it. Didn't get it started this way though???

You need to be able to bump start it. Get a tow rope and have an ATV tow the bike until you get it running. You have other issues other than the e-start. :devil:

Carb may be gummed up, sparky may be done. Old fuel etc. etc. Get it running first and then focus on the e-start. :thumbsdn:

its the solenoid... i don't know if its seperate from the starter or not so you might have to buy the whole thing. i had the same thing happen on my truck and i think its probably the same deal with your bike.

I will have to check the connections again this weekend and get it started. It clicks like the solenoid, but couldn't jump the solenoid like a vehicle so???? At least the solenoid is a seperate part from the starter:-)

Well, I had the same problem with my truck. If the starter hasn't been used in a while the solenoid can freeze up. Hit it with a hammer a few times and it might free it up. Hell, it worked on my truck! I've seen tow truck drivers do it to cars when they won't start also. Works like a charm!

Wow... I really sound like a hick.

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