Are the yz400 or 426 any good.

are the yz400 or 426 any good for the money or more of just a problem to have. im looking at a cr250 03 or a yz 400 or 426 whats better

I ride an '02 426 and love it. The bike is bulletproof and fast. I use it for everything from MX to hare scrambles to tight single track trail riding.

Depends what you're going to do with it. The 426 is the best overall bike of the three, although the 400's are less expensive to buy. They're older and heavier, and have a bit less power than the 426. The CR250 is a good MX bike, but it doesn't have an engine.

A YZ426 is also very reliable, but major repairs can be expensive if they're ever required.

I rode a 2002 426F for four years and all I did was change the oil and filter to include cleaning the air filter. Very versitile and dependable bike.

I've had my '02 426 since may of 2002 and it has been a great bike. Oil changes, filter clean and oiled and check the chain is pretty much all I need. Spend a little time getting the jetting right and the suspension set up for you and its ready. A very reliable bike all the way around.


I've got a 00' 400 and a 02' 426 and they are both awesome, trouble free bikes. Do the standard maintenance and they will last forever. :devil:

I've had my bike since January of '05 and I'm the 3rd owner. The 2 previous owners took good care of the bike and so have I. I was told the valves had never had to be adjusted and they'd never had any problems. Well, here I am almost 2 years later and I've ridden the piss out of this thing and I just can't kill it. I actually just had the valves checked out last week. I was told it needed a shim, but I had a different guy look at it and I watched him work the feeler gauge and it didn't need anything. He said my motor looks better than most of the 05 and 06 models that come to him simply because of routine oil and filter changes that have been performed. I ride the bike on the track, mainly and also use it as a woods weapon. With a flywheel weight it'd be a little easier through the woods but I'm by no means complaining. The suspension is very good for stock but needed a little work for my 6' 2" 225lb frame. This is hands down the best bike I've ever owned. It may not be the lightest I've had, but it sure is the funnest. Get a 400 or 426 and don't look back. You won't regret it a bit.

My son has a 2000 yz 426 and we have been very pleased with the bike. So far all we have done is routine maintenance (oil changes, air filter service & spark plug). This is a very fast bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have a 2000 yz 426.....I love this bike...I just did some motor work to it....I figured why spend $8000 on a new bike when I could spend about $2000 in mods....I just port and polished the head, hot cams (intake and auto decompression exhaust cam, dr.d hot start lever, new piston and kibblewhite stainless valves......I will keep this bike forever.....I have other bikes, but this one will always be in my stable. Great all-around bike....track woods does it all......Good luck on your purchase!!!

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