adding oil to forks

Can i add some fork oil to my 2006 Yz450 through the bleeder screw(remove bleeder screw and add small cc's until correct) because i had my forks done and they feel way too soft. the shop put the lower amount of oil in and there is like a 3 mm difference. also does anyone know how many cc's of oil would equate to 3mm in a stock fork? thanks

No, not really.

You need to remove the outer cap and add fluid to the outer chamber.

If you add it to the bleeder screw, it will get trapped above the compression piston in the inner chamber. Once you get enough compression on the forks to make that extra fluid go out the bleed holes, then it would make it to the outer chamber. ie bottom the forks.

Again, add fluid to the outer chamber, not the bleeder hole

What's it mean when I release the air in my left fork by pressing my aftermarket bleed button/tab and some oil leaks out with the air?

so do i just get a big crescent or fork cap tool and pull it off and then inject some oil on the outer res? what would be the process of adding oil?

well I just got off the phone with jeremy at mx tech and he actually told me to add 10ccs to mine through the bleeder hole. He said just use a needle and basically inject the oil in.

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