06 YZF450 Jetting for Glamis

Hey guys and gals,

I'm going to Gordons Wells (Glamis) the weekend before Halloween. First time there on a dirtbike, first time with my YZ450, and only second time there ever.

I'm running a pilot of #45 and a main of #165 at 4,500 FT. altitude. The bike runs good here but what do you suggest for Glamis??

I did a search and some said that I should leave it alone and it will be fine. I was thinking maybe a #48 PJ and a #170 MJ.

What do you think??

Also, I'm running a 10-paddle, any thoughts about my tire choice??



The 48 pilot and 170 main will be perfect. Out in glamis is always safer to be a little rich, because riding in the dunes creates more work for the motor which creates more heat. If your not already, I would suggest using engine ice in the radiators. I havent taken my yamaha out to glamis yet, but I had my old honda 450 out there with a 10 paddle, And I didn't like it that much. I Like the 8 paddle KINGS TURBO. Also if you have access to a bigget rear sprocket (1 or 2 teeth) that will help. One last thing, bring your wrenches because you will be adjusting your chain alot out there, it's going to strech more than a $5 whore. HAVE FUN :ride

Thanks Ranger

Any other advise from the experienced??



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