what BRAND of jets is best BRP

for my 01 BRP, about to try a 172 and 68S.

Which BRAND of jets is best with the stocker carb [uncorked and all that stuff...]. and, do the numbers [i.e. 172] translate directly or different calibration?


Keihin is best choice by far, IMO.

Dynojet jets use a different scale and require the use of an adapter. All other off-brand hex style jets (RD Precision for example) I'm aware off are Keihin copy-cats and use the same Keihin scale.

gracias hawk. i guess I can find them in the TT store. gone to look


The main thing is you want to stay with the same brand. Just because they have the same number on them does not mean that they are exactly the same. I learned this the hard way while trying to get a bike jetted right.

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