06 WR450 and a Race

so yesterday i did my first harscramble on my bike. i had a15/50 gearing, free mods, and a sub mount gpr with pro taper bars and suspension done to my weight. this is all i have done to the bike and let me tell you what this bike is a beast. i pulled prolly top 10 off the line out of 70 guys. i had no problem flying through the sand or doing the hill climbs. i didnt win but i did finsih and i am feeling it today. :devil: overall i was more than please with my wr the only down size was the added weight of running a 3.4 acerbis tank during 25 mile loops and the fact the bike is heavery then a yzf. however having the electric start is nice when you tired! so i guess they all even out! oh and any one not running a steering stablizer.... you do not know what you are missing. i cant count on my hands how many times this thing saved me from crashing as well as saving my arms.

oh and how has a new gpr? what is point of turning it all the way to 8 clicks

Great story. Yesterday, I did my first enduro on my wr450. It was great having that power, especially going up the hills. A heavier bike makes for a smoother ride. But it also makes you more tired.

I did do a little soil sampling, but not too much. The dirt was really soft since it rained the day before. To top it off, I was on the 25th minute, so 100 riders chewed up the dirt before I got there. In the soft dirt, you have really got to stay on the gas or that bike feels like it weighs a ton.

I only did one loop of the enduro and I too am feeling it. I have got to build up my endurance.

I do alot of the desert races out there in California with my '05 WR. Overall it's a great bike for the semi serious racer but may be a bit too heavy for the super fast experts. The weight does take it's toll, especially in the gnarly tight stuff. But the e-button sure is greater when stuck on a hill or in the tight stuff.

The WR ain't that heavy, try putting a leg over a XR650R, that's a heavy bike, that's why a switched to a blue WR, suspension is great and lot's of power!!!! For desert or whatever the terrain!!

Do you really need the bigger tank for a twenty-five mile race?

Do you really need the bigger tank for a twenty-five mile race?

Original post said 25 mile Loops, so im guessing it was more than 1 lap!! :devil:

Do you really need the bigger tank for a twenty-five mile race?

next race i wont have the larger tank. i will just run stock.

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