PAScrew Question

G'day. Could anyone please tell me what one turn on the Pilot Air Screw is equivalent to. Or even better how many turns out from lightly seated would be approx. PAJ 55. Thank you.



a full list is fairly early on on the "jetting Q's" and last night at the base i've reported on what i think the PAJ to PJ ratio should be.

3/8 turn = #55

1 turn = #100


jim bob

you have got the right screw haven't you?

the one under the carb is caled the pilot screw. the only other screw you can turn is the pilot air screw which you have to buy from sudco etc. this sits in the pillbox slit in the fron of your carb.

3 turns!?!? (the mans crazy) :):D

never mind ba :D:D


Yeah, its the right screw. Bought it from the Aussie Keihin distributer but they didn't give me any info with it. I thought I would ask you blokes to save time in pulling everything apart etc. and getting it right by trial and error.


Thanks Taffy. That will explain the backfire I was getting with 3 turns out!


can you elaborate on the pilot air screw that sits in the pilbox - with many times i have had my carb apart, i don't remember seeing anything like that.



how many times have you read that you can replace the pilot air jet with a pilot air screw?

if you haven't changed the PAJ for a PAS then there is nothing to adjust.

is it the same rocky who doesn't read his answered personal messages :)


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