Help...06 450 Rekluse Stalling issue


Anyone have experience with a Rekluse installed on their 06 450f? I have been racing enduro's and have a stalling issue when burping the throttle.

Also, bike will occasionally still stall on hard braking.

Rekluse is installed properly and gapped at the very high end. I have also installed the stiffer spring in the perch and on the plates.

I have the air/fuel screw adjusted at about 2 turns out

Stock needdle and clip position

Boyseen quickshot installed

68 main

went back to the stock 42 pilot

Am running a WB E2 pipe

I adjusted my '01 426 to engage a bit later (stiffer spring and some minor modification so that there is no slack in the spring). My ridding buddy has an '06 and was having the a similar issue. His would occasionally stall at slow speeds if he gave it too much gas and chopped the throttle during technical hill climbs, or coming into a turn from high speed and locking up the rear brake. He learned to ease off the throttle going into turns, but still had the occasional stall at lower speeds. He had to modify his mounting point for the stiffer spring as well, so that the Rekluse would engage later. Problem solved!!

You just need to figure out how to get most of the slack out of the spring while the bike is off. This will wear the clutch plates out a little faster, but the butter smooth clutch engages better, and you'll have a little more RPM's once it starts to engage.


I solved my stalling issues (03 yz450) by going with a leaner pilot. Stock is a 42 and I went with a 40. The think the rekluse likes a little leaner jetting.

Your jetting has to be perfect so the bike doesn't flame out with the Rekluse. I had a few issues with flame out, so I tried a JD jet kit and all my stalling problems went away.

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