Making street kit/ Dakar is re-fnding me on there kit

I would like you thoughts on things that are good and bad and links to get them

I am starting over again and will build my own

Any help would be great

Need headlight, or bulb to work in the stock one





LED lights or not

brake switches

mirror I still have

handle switch



I saw a couple things but mis-placed them

Want the overall look to be slim and neat and still meet road specs

06 XR650R

Just look at the other threads, theres a ton of info already posted on this subject, most recently, look at the crf rear fender on the L, if thats not steamlined theres no such thing, got pics and places to buy too. Baja designs can fix everything else for you, or send an email to this guy. I have bought lots from him, beats baja prices too. :devil:


This will help

I looked around for awhile, but only found a couple things

Guess the biggest thing to get would be the wiring

I will give him an e-mail


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