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Down to the bare wire guys...!!

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I know this is getting old but...

If you ARE NOT on the "Money Received" list for these Kouba T handles, you will not get one!!


There are quite a few guys who wanted one, but have not committed themselves financially.

Noon Friday eastern standard time is the absolute cut off!

You must e-mail me w/ "I swear on my everlasting soul, to be forever damned to burn in hell that the check is in the mail", or I transferred the $$ via Pay Pal!!

Overly dramatic, but THAT is exactly what my "B" rated, overly dramatic 13 year old daughter - actress would say! :)

If paying via Pay Pal, absolutely no, nada, the big goose egg, zippo, zilch credit cards can be used. My Pay Pal IS NOT configured to accept credit cards.

If sending a check (no penny rolls please!), mail it to me at:

Kevin Lysdahl

275 Old Mountain Road

Northwood, NH 03261-4209

You have got to let me know via:


my pay pal account is:


Right now, over 60 thumper riders have sent their money! Norman Kouba is ecstatic!

The price IS STILL $13.00!

The End!

[ December 13, 2001: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

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I can't get pay-pal to send me the damn confirmation e-mail....been trying all day...this sucks.

Used an alternate e-mail and got that confirmed...Damn..not I've got to wait until the deposit their chump change to verify my bank account 2 to 3 days. Oh well....Atleast I gave it a shot...

Thanks for your patience Kevin...PayPal just got it done and you should have the money now...

Bonzai :)

[ December 13, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

[ December 15, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

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