2008 Xr650l/r????

A continual search for life beyond bold new graphics, any late breaking theories or guesstimates on U.S. follow-ons for the trusty BRP's? The KTM's and Husky's are looking good, but they are not red!!!! Well OK, the Husky's are now, but not the real red :devil:

From what I keep hearing and reading Honda is going to drop the vunerable 650 thumpers altogether and instead concentrate on 100+ mpg street legal scooters in the50-90cc range. 10 years from now this will no longer be ThumperTalk, but instead it will be ScooterTalk. and we will be posting who beat who to the corner 7-11 and who had to buy who the slurpee!


look its a six pack of slurpee's, but where do I put them on my scooter?

Go fix yourself a big pot of coffee, get in your favorite chair (just make sure its comfortable) and then start reading this thread from last week: Any rumors about CFR650R /L /SM

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