Question about a YZ400F?

I have bought a ' 98 YZ400F and had the oil changed due I am lazy it it was already having some motor work done on it. Anyways rode the bike about 150 miles over the weekend no probs no leaks. Just checked to see how much oil in it. The bike is cold and has been since saturday night. I pulled the dip stick out and the stick is dry all the way. Does the bike have to be warm to register on the cross-hatched area? The bike was level when checked. Aside from a little overflow coming from the black vent tube, but nothing major. Any help will be thanked.

yep, warm it up for a couple of minutes. let it sit a minute or two and check it again.

I do believe (at least on my 02 250f) that you have to let the bike warm up for a couple on minutes then let it cool for a couple of minutes before you check. If you check it like you did it will never register any oil on the dipstick.

It will always register low when cold, warm it up 2 or 3 min. then check.

Thanks a bunch, that is what I thinking.

made the same mistake on mine the first time.....

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