426 wont start

Ok guys here is the story..

Yesterday i went riding and after about 10 minutes into the ride i met up with a couple friends and we were there for probably about 20 minutes, with the bike shut off.. I started the bike back up but it would stall if i didnt keep twisting the throttle.. Just the other day i put in a new decompression cable because the stock one broke.. And when i would turn the bars to the right (sitting on the bike) it would pull on the cable and in turn pull the lever a little bit, but i adjusted it so it wouldnt do this anymore.. But anyways i got back to my friends yard about 5 minutes away and as i got into the yard, the bike stalled.. I couldnt get it started so i turned the gas off and layed it on its side thinking it was flooded (happened when i first got the bike) from trying to start it too much. Usually i do this and it starts right up after.. But nothing, i tried doing it with the choke, without, and with the hot start but still nothing. It backfired once and that is it.. Well i looked down and notice that somehow the spark plug cap wasnt fully on, i have no idea how this happened..? But i plug it back in, turn the gas off and let drain once again, figuring it will start now that the plug cap was fully on now.. But nope nothing.. I figured fouled plug.. So we got it home, and i take the plug out and it was black, a little lean but not bad. It was chilly out.. I put in a brand new plug and go to start it up and it does nothing, doesnt even try to begin to start... I take the plug out, and it is a little wet, so i wipe it off and plug it into the cap and kick it over a little bit and it has spark but when i put it back in again it wouldnt start still.. Anyone have this happen to them? I am lost!!

Have you washed the bike lately or rode through any water ? If your weep hole is clogged, trapped water can make the plug boot come off when the bike is hot (steam maybe?).If it backfired when kicking it over the plug is probably fouled. My sons bike had a similar issue so we got some boot grease at the local auto parts dealer and that cured the problem.

The thing is it backfired with the old plug in it, and i put a brand new one in and it does nothing...

I'm not sure if the decompression cable has anything to do with this, but since you mentioned it, could it be too tight and allowing compression to leak out when starting? You shouldn't have to loosen it to keep it from working if you just turn the bars. You better reroute it correctly before you burn a valve. Try kicking it over with the plug out and grounded. You really need to know if it has a strong spark before going any deeper.

I did kick it over with the plug out and grounded and there is spark... I will try rerouting the cable just to make sure...

roll start?

Well i think it might be that i need to reroute the decomp cable because when i went to try and start it tonight it didnt have the normal compression, it feels like the lever is pulled in so i am going to try to reroute the cable and go from there, if that isnt the problem is it time for a new top end?

Naw, if this problem came up all the sudden its not the top end. You would have noticed a gradual loss of power and unwilleness to rev.

Well i found the problem, when i replaced the cable, i routed it wrong so it was tight, and not letting the lever on the motor come all the way back out so it had no decompression, all is well now!

Solve this problem permanetly.......Put a auto decompression cam in...then put a dr.d hot start lever where your decompression lever is....Glad you got it fixed.....Have fun riding!!!!

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