AAAH What the f#$%

Just put the front end back together on my bike after doing fork seals and wheel bearings. The last thing I put on was the brake caliper. Got that all bolted up and tried to turn the wheel and feel some major grinding. At first I panicked and thought it was the bearings but turns out the outside radius of the brake disk is rubbing on the cast metal part of the brake caliper, and also the inside surface of the disk is rubbing on a different part of the caliper. What the hell gives? I'm not missing any washers or anything, and I checked the manual to make sure Im putting everything back together okay. Someone help me out.

Did you put the wheel spacers on the proper sides? If you mixed them up, it will do that.

Check your wheel spacers. Its easy to reverse these when assemblong the front wheel.

That was it! I even checked the manual beforehand to see which one went where, and I still put em in wrong. :devil:


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