considering an 04 yz450f .....anything to look out for?

The bike is clean and he is asking 3,650. Has a few add-ons. Any Advice?

I have an 04 and love it.... I probably have about 110 hours on it with no trouble, except a blown fork seal.

A little history:

The 03 models had the biggest "hit" that is, they had the hardest hitting powerband, and some considered them "uncontrollable" for the MX track.

For 04' the Ignition mapping was changed to slightly calm down the bike....The 04 may have also gotten a slightly heavier flywheel than the 03', but this seems to be an unknown as to whether it was changed or not. The 04 also got thicker, better performing forks than the 03, and I think Titanium footpegs versus steel ones.

In 05' the bike's engine was further toned down (some complained too much) but the forks again were even better.

The 03-06 models are pretty much bullet proof as long as you do normal Maintenance (change oil and clean air filter)

Some negatives: the 03-04 bikes tend to have a slight "top-heavy" feel to them, and stock they will not turn as well, nor feel as light as the 06 model. I think the 05, does better than the 03-04 models, but they all pale in comparison to the 06.

The front 739ag tire sucks, on all but the hardest hardpack...get rid of it. I use a Dunlop 756 on the front, and a Maxxis IT on the rear. It handles all conditions reasonably well, except in pure mud you're better off with a different rear tire.

If you want the bike to turn better, get a STORMLINK linkage to replace the stock one, and reset the sag to about 106mm. Also the stock chain SUCKS and will stretch to infinity. Also get an adjustable Fuel screw for the carb, and if you ride off-road a lot, you should get a heavier flywheel if you ride the tight trails (less stalling). That's all I can think of right now....if you got a question post it.

Oh, one last thing....the 4 speed is really nice on the MX track, but for track and trail use, I'd rather have a 5 speed.


i know theres going to be alot of people on the topic telling you to get a wr whatever you do dont get a wr at 260 pounds and no power there stupid and that other guys right the 03"s do have the most hard hitting power band i have one there insane if you can find i nice one i would it over the 04

there stupid
Okie Dokie.

The '04 has the same peak power output as the '03, but with a slightly more manageable delivery, and better suspension, along with one or two other minor refinements. I'd take the '04 over the '03 just for the fork, given the choice.

Thanks for the responses! I went ahead and bought the 04 yz450. I took it for a little test ride and the power was insane! I am coming off a DRZ400 and so its obviously a whole new world. I hope to get a real ride in this weekend and get a better feel for what the bike can do! :devil:

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