kick a guy while he's down, why don't you?

well, i'm probably going to take a flaming from taffy or someone on my ignorance on this one, but here goes. i've owned my wr for a summer now :) . i follow the drill, and it lights first kick everytime except for cold or after a dump, where it takes about 4 kicks... rarely need the hot-start when warm, and always need the choke when cold.

when i first got the bike, i knew about some kind of kickstarter failure (lever braking)....

what is up with that? is that from kicking it without the decomp. procedure and hitting tdc, or what? when i first got the bike, i let my dad ride it around the backyard a little, and he accidentally stalled it (grabby clutch, replacing/servicing in spring) and to my horror :D , he just flipped out the kicker and let her have it :D ... it started, no prob. :D

i don't plan on ever doing htis to my bike, and don't plan on letting anyone ever do this again, but i had a hard time arguing why you need the decomp if it can be started this way...he just laughed at me...was my theory on the kicker right, or is yamaha just brainwashing us thru our kicking leg???

thanks :D

If your REAL strong, or lucky enough to land on tdc, it will start right up...(probably lucky). some of the ex- two smokers were breaking the 98 kick starters, due to lack of form, and missing tdc. I wouldn't worry about it.

ride fast & take chances

I once crashed so bad that I broke my hand and ALL three levers on my bike at once. I ended up riding the rest of the day without the decompression lever, it does take some time to move the piston without it though. It can be done, it's kind of like the CRF's method only harder to kick...

My guess is that your dad got lucky having the bike stall around TDC.


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