Breaking In A New Xr 650 L


The age old oil topic still goes on. I run syn in everything I have also, I believe in changing oil as often as it makes YOU feel good. With the xr650L I think you must consider 2 things, dust and heat. Both will ruin a oil. So to carry on with the tradition, change it as often as you like, but ALWAYS change the filter.

This is not the time to get cheap.

Oh by the way, its great to be a member of this group!

Now aint that some good advice:moon::busted:

Changed mine at 600 miles and it was still pretty clean looking. after that it's been 2000-2500 miles and still doesn't look very dirty. I use the semi-cheap valvoline motorcycle oil. i think it's around $4/qt. No problems so far(about 5500 miles)

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