650L price

I am thinking of getting an XR650L next year for a commuter bike. About how much should I expect to pay for one in reasonablly good condition with low miles? I was thinking somewhere in the 01-04 range would probably be pretty decently priced, adn I know there are lots of them out there with low miles.

Around $3000-3500, for a clean low mileage stock bike!

paid $3200 for my 04 with 3000 miles, all stock, street ridden.

That seems pretty reasonable. I may go with a smaller bike, I haven't decided yet. I have my YFZ450 for dirt riding so this bike would be for street use only.

for street use only go get a older nighthawk 650, bulletproof and you can get out of the way if need be, can find them for less than 2K in good shape. small thumper suck for the reason that you get run over in most cities, cant get out of the way!

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